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Hello I’m Francesca. In case you are wondering, I am fully authorised to do this speech because I have known Honi for over 11……. weeks.

Honi has been causing a few laughs here and there at North London Collegiate School.  She tends to get excited about very strange things. In science I was in a pair with her and we were learning about forces and friction. There was a ramp with a car on it. Honi, having seen this, ran up to the car and said “oooo races!”  She then pulled the car to the top, let go of it and raced against the car with her hand. Of course, she won. She then did it one more time and then said, as if it were a complete surprise, “I win every time!”

Honi and I have done a lot of things in partnership together…. We’ve written a rubbish dance, we’ve made some amazing cakes and we’ve made a music video which mostly involved Honi crashing into things again and again….the pain on her face only adds to the video.

Mazel tov Honi on your special day Honi I hope you have a fantastic time and I look forward to many more partnerships with you.


Hello, my name is Sarah and I first met Honi over three years ago, when I joined NLCS in year 4. My initial thoughts about Honi were that she was a very happy girl who always sees the best in everything, Three years later I still believe in my first impressions.

When we were in year six, and I was sitting next to Honi, we had great fun, from a teacher’s point of view, maybe a bit too much fun and rather a lot of laughing around. I soon learnt from sitting next to Honi that she is a HIGHLY intelligent girl, who is a bit of a perfectionist which has many advantages, but a few disadvantages too. She expects her desk partner to be just as perfectionist as herself. I learnt how to organise stationary on a desk without daring to infringe one millimetre upon Honi’s space for fear of her ruler coming out again to measure the boundary. However, she is also always very happy, confident, and an entertaining girl, but definitely, Honi is an incredibly friendly person to be around. I feel so privileged for me and Honi to be such good friends.

Honi, you were amazing in synagogue yesterday and I am sure that all your hard work definitely paid off. I wish you Mazol Tov on your becoming of a Jewish adult and you look beautiful tonight.

Congratulations Honi!


Hi I’m Amira, and I’m here to talk about Honi.

Honi, honi now where to start. For starters honi is soooo kind, for example when Francesca who is also/ has also presenting a speech started to fake cry to see honi’s reaction, all that honi said was ” never mind it’s time to go into class”

As well as that honi is also one of my great friends so Mazeltov to you honi and have an amazing night.


Georgina Fennessy

Hello everyone, I am one of Honi’s friends at NLCS. Honi is always so cheerful and makes me laugh all the time. she is a great friend to have and is always there for you. I hope she is having a wonderful batmitzvah  as she deserves it. Thank you



My name is Antara and I met Honi on my first day at North London Collegiate School. When I introduced myself, the first reaction I got back from her was a huge beaming smile! Honi was one of the first friends that I made in NLCS and I’m so happy that I met her!

If you ask me to say something about Honi, the first thing that would pop into my mind would be that she is always cheerful and never frowning! Honi is really fun to be around and you can never get bored with her! She is so kind and caring towards others and I’m really lucky to have her as a friend. Honi is one of the closest friends I have in NLCS and will always be!



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